Patent #8,596,717 (1 of 3)
A Revolutionary New Patented Innovation in Back Pain Relief

The cumulative effect of slumped sitting posture over an extended period of time can lead to severe back and neck pain, spinal dysfunction/degeneration, and very significant health related issues that can effect every organ and system in the body. The Posture Trainer is designed to treat all of these issues and has been perfected over the course of 6 years of extensive product development and testing.

Up until now, the Posture Trainer has been sold exclusively through Chiropractors and Physical Therapists who have offered it to their patients with outstanding results!

The Posture Trainer has been proven to work very effectively with: People That Sit in a Chair at Work or at Home for Extended Periods of Time, Children, College Students, People with Scoliosis, Pre and Post-Operative Back Surgery Patients, Pregnant Women, People in Wheel Chairs, People with Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal Cord Injury, Stroke Victims, Retired People, and the list goes on!

The Benefits Of This Revolutionary “Patented” Product Include:

Comfortably maintains "Perfect Bio-mechanical Spinal Alignment" in a seated position
Drastically reduces or totally eliminates back and neck pain
✓ Relieves tension and compression
✓ Significantly reduces the harmful health issues associated with sitting
✓ Reduces or totally eliminates headaches
Increases energy levels
Improves breathing
Promotes better circulation
Puts the user in a more relaxed state of mind
Increases focus and concentration
✓ Promotes better digestion
Reduces strain on knees and hips
Reduces tension in shoulders and arms
✓ Provides greater stability and balance
Allows the user to focus on their work and reduce fatigue
Built to last a lifetime

The Best and Most Comfortable “Functional” Back Support on the Market

Designed for the Way We Live Our Lives!